Hi! My name is Max Bremer, I’m from Chicago, and I’m a senior CS major here at Carleton. Last week I began working with the Boston Massacre 3D team via auditing the course. As you might guess from my major, my background is largely technical, though it’s coupled with a passion for game design and gaming more generally that I’ve had since I was a kid.

My experience in similar projects consists primarily of those completed during participation in the National High School Game Academy (2 full game design projects in a 5 person team) and several times I’ve participated in the Ludum Dare game jam since then. I’m experienced with, ordered by experience level, the Unity, Game Maker, and Unreal engines, as well as a wide variety of languages.

Though my experience with historical study is fairly limited, I’m excited to learn a chunk more of our country’s history through this project, and I intend to focus largely on the technical side of the project anyway.

This term I hope to use my technical skills to help the project however I can! I’d certainly like to start by working on the resolution of outstanding issues with the Git repository, and from there hope to help with game design both in a technical sense (coding, optimization, etc.) and in a more conceptual sense (Level design, control scheme, etc.). I’m hoping to get the experience of working on a larger more collaborative and team-based project this term, and I look forward to all of it!

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