Website and Public Relations

3-D Modeling and the Boston Massacre
Web and PR Mission Statement

One of the most important aspects of a project website is allowing developers to post updates on current projects and allow interested viewers to know why this project is being developed and showcasing it for others to enjoy. It will be available to collaborators now and in the future, allowing them to post further updates to the project until it has met the requirements. As a public project, the website should allow others to download and view the beta versions and test its capabilities.

Yet the main function of a website is to inform the public about the project and to spread the word about its existence and mission. The website will mention all sponsors and mentors that helped with the creation of the project, as well as the sources of any third-party applications used. Creating social media accounts to inform about updates to the project will help improve the community outreach. There may be options to allow viewers to give feedback and contribute to the project through donations or helpful tips to improve the usability of our project.

One of the first steps will be to create and update the website’s User Interface so it clearly defines the goals of the project and why it was created. It should include historical background and objectives that each team hopes to complete. It should also have the capabilities to handle all of the project archives as updates are uploaded to the website, and have the ability to showcase final versions of each individual section. Perhaps there should be an introduction video that highlights the team and each of their skills as they work on the project.

Creating social media accounts will be instrumental in increasing the project’s outreach beyond the initial interest groups and allow others to be informed about our mission. Yet they should be monitored daily to ensure there is no abuse or other offensive statements by trolls. Maybe there should be an email account that is listed on the website for users to contact for questions or ideas that they want to submit. Above all, we want to ensure that readers understand the project’s purpose and get them interested in it.


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