We divided into teams based on our personal interests and technical skills.

3-D Modeling Team: In charge of finding and creating models of buildings, people, and other features for the game using Blender.

Game Development: Tasked with using Unity to manipulate 3-D models to interact and use suggested game elements for the player to use.

Mapping: Will be using GIS and CityEngine to reconstruct an accurate map of Boston in the colonial time period, specifically around the time of the Boston Massacre.

Narrative: Assigned with creating player to NPC interactions with a storyline that allows a player to see different outcomes based on different questions and responses to the NPC characters.

Sound: Responsible for finding and creating lifelike sounds for use in the game such as voices for narratives and background chatter.

Website and Public Relations: Charged with creating and maintaining the website and establishing outreach in the community.