Mission Statement

The mission of the mapping group is to create a map that incorporates all the different information needed for gameplay and navigation. This includes layers of historical elevation, population, street grid data and where the different sounds of the game will be triggered in game play. We will work to rectify and align all data so it is useable as one collected data set, geo-referencing current GPS locations to existing data Serena has compiled to create a navigable map that works as both an aerial projection and a street-view 3D walkthrough

To work with the data the mapping team will be using CityEngine and ArcGIS with Esri. We will also be working with unity for software and training.

The map will be used to coordinate the sounds, point values and depositions spatially throughout the game play, with each different set of information on a different layer. The reach goal for the mapping team is a map that will be usable both as a 2-D map and as a 3-D street-view map with some collection of 3-D city buildings around.



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