My mission for the fall development period is to enhance player experience by adding various assets to the project. 

In terms of 3d modeling, I hope to model a series of buildings, characters, and props that will give the gameplay a detailed, realistic experience. In the process of modeling more structures and props for Witness the Revolution, I want to grow my artistic skillset and become comfortable with 3d modeling and texturing techniques.

On the topic of game development, I’m hoping to resolve current issues in the project repository and begin optimizing different parts of our current unity build. More precisely, I’d like to explore solutions to expensive models, lighting, and rendering of objects in the current Unity build. I believe that selective remodeling, defining optimal lighting areas, and defining specific render regions of the game map can offer a fluid, immersive experience to the player. 

Finally, I’m looking forward to working with the sound team to add to our sound library and create a location-specific, in-game sound that enhances the game’s experience. In addition to adding existing sounds to the library, I’d like to work with the team to record new sounds and mix them to fit nicely in the game world. 

I’m excited to collaborate with some awesome people and watch this project grow!

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